SPDA celebrates anniversary the frugal way

DAVAO CITY (22 April 2024)- Setting aside lavish fun fare and extravagance, the Southern Philippines Development Authority (SPDA) has successfully celebrated its anniversary this year at the Authority’s main office in Catalunan Pequeño, Davao City. Visibly paving the way for a moment of reflection, SPDA Administrator and Chief Executive Officer Abdulghani ‘Gerry’ Ajul Salapuddin has allowed the department managers and division heads as well as the rank and file employees of the Authority to take a stock on the achievements, the challenges that had been overcome, and the growth of the SPDA organization following the deactivation over the years.


Responding to the revenue generation efforts of the National Government as the Marcos Administration is currently building a resilient economy, SPDA Administrator Gerry Salapuddin has reiterated his call urging the concerned officials of the Authority to urgently finish the ongoing projects particularly the poultry farm business in Sulop, Davao del Sur, in order to generate income out of the business engagements in the field and remit dividends to the national treasury.


The other project of the Authority that is about to be inaugurated this year is the SPDA Commercial Building located along Veterans Avenue, Zone IV, Zamboanga City. In his post in the social media, Deputy Administrator Munap H. Pacio has expressed gratefulness to all the officials and rank and file employees of the Authority saying, “Your dedication to fostering sustainable development and improving the lives of communities across the region is truly commendable,” and expressed hope that SPDA may have many more years of impactful initiatives and positive change.


Corporate Affairs Department Manager Virginia ‘Vicky’ L. Uy likewise greeted SPDA in the social media and expressed indebtedness for the employment and the people she has worked with who gave her the opportunities and learning over the years at SPDA. She also expressed hope SPDA may have more years of existence and success to celebrate in the field of business and social services.


Southern Philippines Development Authority (SPDA) is a Government-Owned and Controlled Corporation (GOCC) with a primary corporate mandate to promote the development of Southern Philippines by undertaking development or business projects of corporate and economic in nature in the field of agriculture, power, infrastructure, energy, public utilities, land development, manufacturing, exploration and utilization of natural resources and other field or projects. (Celestino B. Siglos, Ed.D)

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