SPDA Vitali Fishpond Estate

Project Description:

  • The project aims to provide sources of livelihood to rebel returnees and their families who are dislocated and affected by civil strife by developing an area of 1,200 hectares of mangrove swamps into family-sized fishponds for distribution to local beneficiaries and enhances food production within the area thereby promoting the well being and self-sufficiency of the beneficiaries.
  • Total land area is 1,144.9821 hectares
  • Only 600 hectares has been developed with 338 hectares effective pond areas subdivided into 10 zones
  • Zone 1 is the facility site and part of the retained fishpond areas
  • Zone 2 to 10 were distributed to stewardship beneficiaries
  • Eight (8) fishponds of Zone 9 are also retained by SPDA for corporate use


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