SPDA jump-starts big-ticket projects in Zamboanga City

DAVAO CITY (October 28, 2019) – Barely two months before the end of the calendar year 2019, the operations team of the Southern Philippines Development Authority (SPDA) is battling it out against time constraints this year to commence big-ticket projects of the Authority.


Last week, October 21, the SPDA’s operations team led by its Operations Manager Cristy Dagala and Deputy Administrator Munap Pacio, together with Thelma Silfide Alicaway, Acting Chief of the Project Evaluation Division, Project Evaluation Officers Samir Tiblani and Abdulpatta Malun, and Engineers Sotero Ocariza, Jr. and Aigie Flores, had conducted meetings and technical consultations with the local government officials and the community, respectively, specifically in the area of Bunguiao, Vitali, Zamboanga City.


During the said activity, the team had pushed for the pre-implementation of the multi-million peso SPDA projects in Zamboanga City, namely: the broiler production facility in Bunguiao, the polyculture project at the SPDA’s Vitali Fishpond Estate which is expected to produce giant crabs, prawns, and milk fish, and the development of SPDA’s prime lot along Veterans Avenue at the heart of the city.  


SPDA Operations Manager Cristy Dagala disclosed that this broiler production project in Bunguiao will cost about 38 million pesos, while the polyculture and the Veterans Avenue projects will cost about 8 million and 6 million pesos for the pre-engineering activities, respectively.


Dagala said that a massive rehabilitation, soil testing, land preparation, support facilities rehabilitation and construction, have already been started at the polyculture project within the Vitali fishpond estate of SPDA. After two months, he added, the operation of the polyculture project shall commence.


He said that early this October, soil investigation on the 6 million peso Veterans Avenue project had already been started. This will serve as basis for the type of structure to be built before the construction of the building’s foundation. By November 15, he added, results of the survey shall have been delivered. (Celestino B. Siglos, Ed.D.)

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